wave 365 media


WAVE 365 MEDIA’s principals and management have worked for major clients, providing a unique insight into the needs of the IP proprietors.

WAVE 365 MEDIA provide their clients a bespoke and tailor-made comprehensive 360 marketing and promotional campaigns to the highest of professional standards focused on delivering ROI and first class results.

What we can do

WAVE 365 MEDIA have a totally unique and focused management infrastructure in touch with the contemporary market place, with independent and major clients from the music, television, film, gaming and sports sectors.

We develop strategic marketing and promotional campaigns for various projects both locally and internationally.

WAVE 365 MEDIA marketing campaigns cover a myriad of dynamics ranging from radio, television, press and all digital platforms.

Who we Work with

We enjoy close working relationships with all the major media corporations across the World built up over the last 30 plus years through delivering major successes on behalf of our clients.

WAVE 365 MEDIA promotion services include but are not limited to exposure on national, regional and internet radio in addition to all television networks .


With Worldwide reach WAVE 365 MEDIA have affiliated with global partners in New York, Los Angeles, Hanover, Paris, Tokyo, Hilversum, Sydney and Sao Paulo.


WAVE 365 MEDIA principals and management have over 30 years of experience and insight working in all sectors of the entertainment, gaming and sports industries.


The digital revolution in entertainment and gaming has changed indelibly the face of the global market for both the IP proprietors and consumers.

Whilst the physical and retail market decline, the digital markets around the World are growing at a rapid rate providing exciting new income revenue streams for IP proprietors.